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Are these real License Plates?

Yes. PlatesUSA only sells genuine, real, authentic License Plates.  Most of our License Plates are used and were on vehicles at one time, though some may be in mint, unused condition. We do not sell imitation, souvenir, fake or sample plates.

Will I get the exact plate shown, with that number on it?

No.  The pictures of plates in our store show the many different styles of License Plates that we have available.  The License Plates you receive will have different registration numbers on the plates.

Why do people collect License Plates?

For all sorts of reasons, but mostly because it's fun!  Most License Plate collectors try to get (at least) one plate from each state.  Some restaurants or shops use plates for decoration.  Schools display License Plates to help teach kids geography.  Collecting License Plates is a great hobby to enjoy with kids. And plates make GREAT gifts. More Info on Collecting

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Do you sell any PAIRS  of License Plates?

No.  We do not sell pairs of plates, we sell 'singles' only, of the plate types shown in our web site store.
Can I get some OLD PLATES for use on my antique car?

Not from us, sorry. Some states permit 'Year Of Manufacture' use of older plates on antique vehicles, if the number is not in use on another vehicle. We never sell License Plates for this purpose.  We stock the plates shown on our web site, but do not carry old plates. If you are looking for a 62 Ohio or a 57 New York plate, etc. try a local flea market or an antique shop. Good luck!

Can I buy some plates to put on my car or truck?

No.  Absolutely not. Don't even think about it. Our license plates are expired plates and sold for collecting purposes only.  It is illegal to attach expired license plates to a vehicle.  Even if your state only requires one plate, it is illegal to attach another license plate.  If you need license plates for a vehicle, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.   We do not sell plates to people who order only current style plates from the state they live in. Sorry.

What condition are your License Plates in?

We're glad you asked!  All of our plates are in Very Good to Excellent condition, unless otherwise specified. As plate collectors ourselves, we appreciate quality.  One of our regular customers put it nicely:

"Your plates are unqualifiedly the best around and I have been collecting for years, mostly at swap meets and garage sales. -Ron"

  • Excellent  May show bolt marks, very slight scratches confined to area near bolt holes or corners, but no rust or discoloration.
  • Very good  May show minor discoloration, few scratches. Very slight rust on edges acceptable.
  • Good  Small marks or dents acceptable.  General slight rust, some fading or discoloration, but still acceptable for display.  May have some scratches or paint cracking.

Can I order License Plates with a special vanity saying?

No, sorry. We sell only real, genuine License Plates. We do not manufacture plates or sell novelty plates like Disney or slogan plates.  

What countries do you ship to?

To see our list of countries and shipping rates, click here.

How can I view which License Plates are in my shopping basket or change quantities?

Just click the 'Basket Contents' button on the toolbar in our store.  This will show which plates you have already 'Added to Basket' and let you make changes.  

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